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RE: Visual Analysis

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No, but I am approaching his weight with all the time I spend in my
chair doing engineering. You can tell John that if he needs someone to
be in his will, I gladly accept all of his wealth from commercials and
commentating. If any of you are interested, I am planning on starting
the ALL-MADDEN TEAM for Structural Engineering. We want guys (and gals)
who love to take on huge equations and beg for more punishment. Do you
have what it takes ???

GO NINERS ! ! ! 

Gerard Madden, P.E.
Civil Engineer, Associate
CRJ Associates, Inc.
email: gerardm(--nospam--at)
tel: 650.324.0691
fax: 650.324.0927

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> Are you related to JOHN Madden?
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> > Remember when you saw John Candy in the End-Zone before you
> engineered
> > the 92 yard drive to beat the Cincinatti Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII
> ?