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Long term effect of concrete esposed fual oil

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Dear all

Fuel oil which overflowed from Diesel Generator was leaked through
crack and construction joint of slab during maintenance or operation of
power plant.
( I thought that the reason of slab concrete crack is shrinkage or heat
of hydration. )

The Fuel Oil chemical component are as follows;( Unit = Weight, percent

 1. Sulfur =0.05 ~ 1.0
 2. Hydration =11.8 ~ 13.9
 3. Carbon =86.1 ~ 88.2
 4. Nitrogen =0 ~ 0.1
 5. Etc = Oxygen, Ash

We used Type 5 cement and mixed  W/C=0.45.

According to ACI 318-95 TABLE 4.3.1, the sulfur range of the subject
fuel oil is
Severe condition and should be use the Type 5 cement. Because we used
Type 5 cement,
the fuel oil will not detrimental to concrete, I thought. But I am not
sure and don't have any
reference data, book or paper for long term effect of fuel oil to
concrete and reinforcement.

Anybody know about long term effect fuel oil or any reference book  or
paper ?

Thanks advance.