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RE: calculation pad (turkey eq and cal code)

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Jimmy C-
Be aware that simply specifiying a code is insufficient toward 
the goal of ending up with quality construction.  Please check
out the web site Frank McClure lists below, or check out the 
EQE International website, on which you will find several 
interesting first-hand reports.

I quote below from the conclusion portion of the EQE 
briefing that is on their website:

<<  >>

"Loss of life and building collapse was avoidable.
Almost all of the damage caused by the earthquake, and 
almost all of the deaths caused by the collapse of 
inadequately designed and constructed buildings was 
avoidable. That is particularly true for buildings 
built during the last decade. Turkey has a modern 
building code for earthquake design, very similar 
to that used in California. Therefore, modern buildings 
should have had moderate-to-light damage, given that 
the intensities of shaking in this earthquake were 
moderate. In fact, new buildings performed very poorly 
because they were not properly designed, not properly 
constructed, or located on ground that failed from 
shaking or faulting. This is a fact that building 
owners around the world need to clearly understand. 
The presence of an advanced building code, whether 
in California, Japan, Italy, or Turkey does not 
guarantee adequate performance of buildings and their 

(Above from the EQE website << http:\\ >> )

Jimmy C wrote:

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Subject: Re: calculation pad


I am in need of information as to how to obtain a copy of California's =
state building code.  Would it be available on the net?  A group of =
multi-national investors interested in rebuilding condominiums in Turkey =
have specified the California code.  I understand that it has the =
toughest earthquake code in the world.

Somebody got a URL or an address ?

Jimmy  C.......(hisself)

and Frank McClure wrote:

Log into the  Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research 
web site: and click on to the Turkey Reports and 
Photographs by Dr. Charles Scawthorn, EQE International for some excellent 
reports and photographs covering the recent Turkey Earthquake.

Frank E. McClure   FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)   September  8, 1999