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Perforated shearwall analysis

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In 'design of wood structures' by Breyer, I came across a perforated 
shearwall analysis.
The situations in the field however, often are such that a combination of 
different opening sizes occur simultaneously. 
I looked into an approach as done in masonry wall. In comparing the result of 
the deflection formulas with the approach of the above mentioned book, I 
discovered significant discrepancies.
Formulas used: x_fixed = F * h^3 / ( 12 * E * I) + 1.2 * F * h / ( A *G)
                      : x_cantilevered = F * h^3 / ( 3 * E * I) + 1.2 * F * h 
/ ( A *G)

Please enlighten me on the matter.
Greatly appreciated.

Luke Gunnewegh