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RE: Visual Analysis

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Thanks for the suggestion and it is a good one.  We have allowed you to save
the grid spacing as your default grid.  I point this out only in case you
did not notice the checkbox on the grid dialog.  We do need to allow the
user to save the grid spacing with each file and this is something that we
will be doing soon after the initial release.  This means that it will
appear in a version between version 4 and 5 which might be early in the year

Again thanks for the suggestion.


Chris Minichiello, PE
RISA Technologies

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Subject: Visual Analysis

I recently purchased the analysis program by IES "Visual Analysis".  I
think very easy to use, and at a great price.  However, I have not heard
much about it, specifically about its reliability as an analytical
tool.  Anyone has been able to consistently verify the accuracy of the
answers?  Any thoughts about the program?  It would be interesting to
set up a user group page to share info.


Joe Montana, P.E.