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RE: Federal building code future

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Yes, you are right. I understand this.

However, I also understand that more and more people are beginning to awaken
to the fact of what is going on.

Keeping it "on topic," there is a reason that local control over issues such
as building code implementation and enforcement are and should be local
issues. I have no problem with Federal "guidelines,"--although I do believe
they are mostly a waste of tax dollars, spent on bureaucracies like
FHwA--but I believe that there would be a strong reaction against an
attempted takeover of authority in such a case as this.

And, FWIW, everything IS related, directly or indirectly, to "interstate
commerce," if you want to make that argument. But the argument has worn
thin, and the courts have begun to rebuff these constant attempts at
hegemony by the executive and legislative branches.

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> Although you are correct, I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that the
> government wouldn't try, as the federal government has been known to
> write almost anything that it wants to do off as being related to
> "interstate commerce."