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Re: Section 1633.2.6 & 1612.4

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I want to thank you for replying to my query about Section 1633.2.6. I was 
beginning to think my questions were not relevant to this list server.
I would like to discuss some of the items in your answer.

Item #1-I tend to agree with you about adding back in the 1.4 factor before 
reducing by 1.7 although it is confusing.
Item #3-I agree about the rho factor but , as in Item #1, its gets very 
confusing to have to reduce by factors on one level and than add them back in 
on other levels. It seems there should be a separate code procedure for 
Allowable Stress Design instead of mixing it up with the Strength Design 
Item #4-I checked the 1991 NDS section 3.6.3-"Strength in Compression 
Parallel to Grain " and I did not fine where the load duration factor does 
not apply. On the contrary, the last sentence in that section states "In 
addition, fc based on net section area shall not exceed the tabulated 
compression design value parallel to grain multiplied by all applicable 
adjustment factors except the column stability factor, fc <= Fsubc * CsubD * 
CsubM * Csubt * CsubF.
Thanks again for your answer to my question.