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Re: UCI-CoLA Research

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I just returned from a vacation and received this post. I think it is very 
timely that this is being considered. Here are some of the types of panels 
that I would like to see tested:

1. Panels designated by Conventional Framing standards which are 2'-10" wide 
by up to 10'-0" tall sheathed one side with 3/8" plwd secured with 8d common 
nails at (4:6) and subjected to the maximum allowed force equivalent to a 70 
MPH wind load applied on a 22 foot long wall 20 feet deep with 10 foot plate 
height and a roof slope equivalent to 5:12. Panel ends should be restrained 
by a tensile tie equivalent to 1,500 pounds of uplift. This should represent 
a typical condition described in the code. 
I would be interested in seeing if the results are compliant to the minimum 
story drift defined by code, if there was any failure associated to the 
panels or connections and the calculated story drift.

2. Adequate testing of wall panels highly loaded that approach the allowable 
H/b ratio of engineered structures. The results should include actual story 
drift for these panels when sheathed on two sides with close nailing (maximum 
shear allowed by code schedules). 
These are more realistic in the design of custom homes which often encroach 
upon the tolerances allowed by code.

3. Determination of true deflection to calculated deflections. How accurate 
are our calculations? Is the four part equation accurate, liberal or 
conservative in results.

4. What effect or reduction should be applied to a shearwall where the plate 
has been cut to allow installation of plumbing or electrical as is typical in 
the field. Assuming that anchor bolts are installed within 9" from the cut 
ends, will the wall act as a full unit by transfering shear through the 
sheathing or will the missing plate section greatly reduce the capacity of 
the wall panel?
If so, can the installation of two studs at the end of the plate (in the 
middle of the shearwall) and installation of two additional tension ties have 
any affect upon restoring the walls capacity?

Dennis S. Wish PE

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asmith(--nospam--at) writes:

<< John,
 All of the tests for this project are 8'x8' solid walls.  Openings were not
 considered in this research but a possible project  starting next Spring will
 include cutouts.
 Amie S
 UCI >>