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Completly shearing a building (also answer to perforated shearwalls) -Reply

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** High Priority **

When it comes to single family residences it seems to me that we disregard the contribution of the plaster, stucco, drywall, drywall tape, ring shank nails, dry wall nails, paint, wall paper, shelving attached to the wall, electrical and plumbing conduit, etc, etc, etc, where they occur, when determining the stiffness of the structure to resist lateral loads.  It seems the way things are going we will have to build a full scale model to accurately determine which loads go where.  Not to metion the numerous deviations or conditions which normally occur during construction such as notched studs, relocated interior non-bearing walls, termite eaten framing members.  In my opinion the more we try to quantify everything the more we are tying our own hands (and fees).  How accurate do we really need to be when designing a building to protect the life and safety of the general public?  Are we to do an anlaysis everytime a minor element in the structure is changed, or take weekly site visits to input the contractors interpretation into our analysis everytime it deviates from our design assumptions?  What is he answer?

Dave Puskas
BSW International - Tulsa