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Re:Alternative Load Combination in UBC97

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Thank Mr.Turk for your advise.

As per UBC Section 1612.3.1, load combination for ASD, in combination
with wind or earthquake load, are as follows:

   1. D + (W or E/1.4)
   2. 0.9D + E/1.4
   3. D + 0.75[L + (Lr or S) + (W or E/1.4)]

Here, 0.75 of load reduction factor is applied only when more than one
variable loads(= minimum two variable loads) are combined with dead
load, and applied not to dead load but to variable loads only.(Refer to
commentary 2.4.3 of ASCE7-95.)

In load combination of '1' and '2' above, on the contrary to traditional
design, either 0.75 load factor or 1.33 stress increase can not be

My question is that, if then, I have done wrong design based on wrong
concept, so far.

Soojin, Hur