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RE: Foundation Tie Beam Splices

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Also take a look at the commentary for this section. I don't believe the
intent of the  "tension tie member" was for an element resisting the
horizontal thrust of a moment frame. 

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	John -

	Take a look at ACI 318, Sect. 12.15.5

	John Goodman, P.E.
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	Subject: Foundation Tie Beam Splices

	>I am designing a tension tie beam for a foundation to resist the
	>thrust from the moment frames.  I have a Structural Engineering
	>(by Gaylord) which says that lap splices for the tie beam
reinforcement are
	>not permitted by Code.  The handbook says to use mechanical
	>Cadweld, or butt-welded splices and to stagger the splices by 30
	>Does anyone know where this requirement is called out?  Which Code?
	>been digging through the UBC and ACI but I haven't had much luck.
	>familiar with this requirement?
	>John Connor
	>Kansas City, MO