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RE: Foundation Tie Beam Splices

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You have to go way back to ACI 318-63 to find where lapped splices were
allowed in tension members.  All ACI codes since '63 require mechanical
splices.  Look at ACI 318-99 Section 12.15.5.  

There was a book called "Foundation Design and Construction Manual" that was
put out by Butler which had examples of lapped bars in tension ties with
lateral thrust loads up to 122.0 kips.  But back when I was doing
foundations for prefab metal buildings, we used mechanical splices on arch
ties.  The moment frames for prefab metal buildings are generally 3 hinged
arches, and the arch tie is specifically listed in the ACI Commentary as one
requiring mechanical splices.  Right, wrong, or indifferent as a practice we
would only use tension ties if the lateral thrust exceeded 15.2 kips.  Below
and including 15.2 kips, our practice was to use "hairpin rods" in the slab
on grade.   

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: Foundation Tie Beam Splices

I am designing a tension tie beam for a foundation to resist the horizontal
thrust from the moment frames.  I have a Structural Engineering Handbook;
(by Gaylord) which says that lap splices for the tie beam reinforcement are
not permitted by Code.  The handbook says to use mechanical splices,
Cadweld, or butt-welded splices and to stagger the splices by 30 inches.

Does anyone know where this requirement is called out?  Which Code?  I've
been digging through the UBC and ACI but I haven't had much luck.  Anyone
familiar with this requirement?

John Connor
Kansas City, MO