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Re: Completly shearing a building (also answer toperforatedshearwalls)

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You have a good point.  The people building the structures we design have no 
idea of the ramifications of the simple changes they make to a structure.  
There is a great need for us as engineers to become educated as to what 
details can be built and which can not.  It is also becoming obvious that the 
construction profession needs to have a better understanding of the code and 
why we as engineers require them to build things a certain way.  Until this 
happens we will not have a code that is practical for all to use.  It is 
becoming apparent that the creators of the code do not practice in the area 
of wood framed design.  The code has become so complicated even for simple 
wood framed structures.  I could go on.  Is there an answer?  With the 
hassles of clients, building officials that are not engineers, the code, i am 
beginning to seriously consider a career change.