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Fp design value

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there is a blue book circulating around my firm titled "seismic design
manual", volume 1 - code application examples, by the structural engineers
association of california.  in this manual a "new" way to calculate Fp
(different than the 1997 ubc) has been shown.  i heard a rumor that i.c.b.o.
had "accepted" the new method.

here is how i see things:
Fp min = 0.7 * Ca * Ip * Wp (same as code)
Fp max = 4.0 * Ca * Ip * Wp (same as code)
Fp floor (at hx = 0) = ((Ap * Ca * Ip) / Rp) * Wp
Fp roof (at hx = hr) = Fp floor * 4
Fp design = ((larger of Fp min or Fp floor) + Fp roof) / 2
Fp design asd = Fp design / 1.4

my questions are as follows:
is this right?
do i have to design this way (since it is not in the code)?
are there other designers out there using this?
how many people even know about this?

david adie