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Hurrican Floyd Update

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1530 September 16, 1999

Hurricane Floyd Update - North Carolina

Just north of Raleigh maximum storm windspeeds and total rainfall did not appear to be particularly noteworthy. However, total rainfall in Wilmington, approximately 100 miles southeast, had exceeded 19 inches.

The US&R PEMA Task Force was assigned to a rescue operation in Nashville, NC at 1500. A structure was reported as unstable with persons trapped and possible fatalities. Unfortunately, details of the structure, including occupancy class and cause of structural failure, are not yet available. Details will not be available until after completion of the mission. The selected rescue team is comprised of the following members: Head of Operations (1), Structures (1), HazMat (1), Canine Rescue (handler and dog) (1), Rescue Specialists (2), Rescue Squad (7), Technical Manager (1), Technical (1), Medical (1) and Vehicle Operators (3). Water rescue capabilities are expected to be required due to first floor flooding.

For general interest, the sun was shining and road surfaces had dried by mid-afternoon at the Task Force?s Base of Operations.

Additional support to the current mission or additional missions may follow. If possible, the results of the rescue operation(s) will be posted if Internet access remains open and available prior to demobilization.

James Cohen
PEMA TF-1 Structures Specialist

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