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Re: Conventional Lumber Diaphragms

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Correction: See the 2nd Edition of the AITC Timber Construction Manual, not
the 3rd edition.

> For what it may be worth, I used the values given in the Tri-Services
> "Seismic Design for Buildings."  The '77 edition gives values on page
> I can fax these to you if you would like.  Also see AITC "Timber
> Construction Manual" 3ed page 4-136.
> I have a project for an addition to an old house and garage.  New
> construction is to match the old, or old style to the extent possible.
> 1.  Sections 2315.3.1 and 2315.2 of the '97 UBC give instructions for
> construction of diaphragms of diagonal 1x lumber.  Table 23-II-G specifies
> span-width ratios for diagonal-board-sheathed horizontal and vertical
> diaphragms.  I can't find allowable values.  Am I overlooking a Table or
> Section of the Code?
> Appendix Chapter 1 on the UCBC has allowable values for horizontal
> diaphragms
> of wood diagonal sheathing with either roofing or hardwood flooring
> coverings, but this is a code for existing construction, not new, and does
> not include values for shear walls.
> 2.  Section 2320.12.9, Roof Sheathing, allows spaced roof sheathing for
> conventional construction.  Chapter 15 allows spaced board sheathing under
> tile and wood shingle roofs.  Why does re-roofing universally include
> plywood
> sheathing over existing spaced sheathing?  (At least in S.CA it does.)
> Nels Roselund
> Structural Engineer