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Re: Perforated shearwall analysis

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    The stuff in Breyer is a recap of APA #157 (who got it from Dan Dolan at VT,
who got it from Sugiyama).  It is an empirically derived formula, so don't expect
it to look like any analytically derived formula.
    I tend to be suspicious of empirical formulas.  It is sometimes risky to
apply them to situations that are significantly different than the test
conditions.  Dan Dolan tested a pretty wide range of geometries, but all of his
base attachments were heavy (5/8" bolts at 2' o.c.) and his  shearwall nailing
was relatively light (8d at 6" o.c.) as I recall.  It is probably the best was to
figure stiffness for perforated shearwalls, but I still reinforce the openings
when I use this method.
    There have been some postings on this subject you might want to look at in
the archives.
Chuck Utzman P.E.