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structural analysis programs wish list

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Dear Engineers.

I want an analysis program. I like a simple format: x, y and z with actual
cross-sectional properties and results that give stress values for the
given forces and with my own chosen load factors. At least 32 load
combinations of my own choice. I would like input members to be down loaded
from autocad (not an overlay but real numbers). I want output to a text
file with known addresses. I don't want to be a push-over and accept
another's interpretation of the code. I want to use unconventional
materials like wood. I want to be able to put the program into any file
directory, any computer, any time, free of talking to the dealer with his
pocket full of secrete codes. 

My next try is a program never mentioned in this forum S-Frame. Comments

A good program, allowing creative uses could be used to perform rigid vs
flexible diaphragms. Case 1: flexible is when flexural stiffness is near
zero with a closely modeled shear stiffness. Case 2: rigid is rigid.
Vertical loads with some freedom of load cases could allow a complete wood
design package. A period response analysis will reduce forces about 50% or
to some min limit. Let me input information from a spread sheet or autocad
and then give me an output that can be placed on a spreadsheet and that
will change the tune to something I want to hear! 

David Merrick, SE