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Hi fellow engineers. I just would like to ask if anybody knows of any Toyota
Facility that suffered damage during the recent Turkey earthquake. Based on
our records here, two dealer sites are there. We are currently at the stage
of planning and constructing the dealer facilities. Usually, these
structures are made up of  slender columns with irregular distribution of
loads although the height would  be around two to three storeys. Showroom
glass are also present. Their effect is that if these glass crack and break
and fall on some people, the effect would be disastrous. The building is
still standing but with injuries or worse, death. 

Much better if you could provide me the sites where I could download
pictures and reports. Or just e-mail them (pics and reports) it to this
address. It could at least spare me the trouble of long arguments. 

Thanks in advance !!!!

Allan Yango
Toyota Motor Philippines