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RE: UBC 94/ Section 2211.5.1/ Column Strength

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The intent is for columns that are part of the lateral force resisting
system. The wording of "when specifically referred to" is somewhat redundant
since the interpretation is that by referring to it in this section it is
implied that it is required.

The 97 UBC chapter 22, Div. IV and AISC seismic provisions (97) has somewhat
cleaned this up by specifically mentioning "columns is seismic force
resisting systems" and removing the "when specifically referred to".

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA

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	The last sentence states that this section need be used only when 
	specifically referred to. Does this mean when specifically referred
to by 
	other sections in the UBC?


	Rainier C. Catubig, P.E.
	San Diego, California