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RE: Frost line issues

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I assume that you mean 5 degrees Celsius.  Are you certain that the
local codes has actually established a frost line.  I worked in the Las
Vegas area for a significant time.  Although they do get snow once in  a
while, there is no significant frost line.  But, if you do have a frost
line, then you would normally set the frost line from the surrounding
grade.  The exception would be a mounds with very steep angle of repose
or a retaining wall would be another example.  Sometimes the frost line
depths are at a more lateral direction (shortest distance from the
foundation to the surface).  

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I am seeking advice regarding footings and the frost line.  I am aware
footings need to be founded below the design frost line.  If a tank for
example is placed on a mound of compacted fill, is the frost line
from the new ground surface local to the tank, or from the existing
I suspect from the new ground level, as the backfill insulates the
ground.  I saw a strange sketch, which shows tank foundations being
through the backfill and well into the existing ground, for a project
considered in Mongolia.

Any comments regarding the frost line would be appreciated - here in
Western Australia, it rarely falls below 5° outside!

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