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Re: Autocad 2000 R2

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I use Architectural Desktop R1, which uses AutoCAD 14.  If you are looking for
the old Softdesk "Plans & Elevations" module, it isn't there.  The "Detailer"
module is there.  If you do a considerable amount of architectural drawings
then you will find AD R1 acceptable, however it is a step down somewhat from
the old Softdesk Auto Architecture program in some ways.  I understand it is
much better than Softdesk S8 if you use it from the preliminary space
planning phase on, but as a structural engineer it is not much use to me. 
The 3D walls and doors are better than the old S8, but there are also some
drawbacks in the form of limitations of what you can do.  A common thing like
a garage door never made it into AD R1.  You have to really manipulate it to
get something reasonable on your drawing.  I use the bare bones AutoCAD part
of it with the details module.  It comes with the material palette so you can
get all of the shapes you used to get with Softdesk for detailing.  The rumor
I heard though was that the "tools" section (which includes the details
module) of AD R1 was going to be cut out of AD R2.  If that is so then AD R2
would be of less use to an engineer than AD R1.

My opinion, if you do a significant amount of architectural design then you
should go with AD because it is how the industry is headed, especially the 3D
aspect of design.  If you are looking for a productive engineering drafting
package then I would consider something else, including going back to the old
S8 package.



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