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Re: NCEES Str. II Exam

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All I can really says is be prepared for anything.

I am re-taking the Illinois SE exam in October.  I passed the Structural I
exam but did not escape having to re-take the Structural II portion.

When I last took it, they managed to get a steel design question, a
concrete design question, a masonry design question, and a wood design
question.  So, you'd better study all four material types for design of
beams, columns, walls, etc.

I know that doesn't help much...but be prepared for anything (the fact that
they refernce the steel manual, concrete code, masonry code, NDS specs, PCI
manual, BOCA code, UBC code, SBC code, and ASCE 7 as "mandantory" materials
should have tipped you off will use them all...except
your choice between BOCA, UBC and SBC).


At 04:56 PM 9/22/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Is there anyone out there who has taken the Str. II exam?  I'm taking it
>next month and not really sure what to study.  The material from NCEES is
>very vague.  1 building gravity prob and 1 building equake prob.  I'm
>assuming we're talking moment frame and shear wall type problems.  What
>general type problems were on the test?
>Any help will be greatly appreciated.
>John Jones, PE
>Pell City, AL