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Re: Please add subject lines, delete quo

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In a message from Nels Roselund that Dennis Wish quoted, Nels asked:

<< Starting about a week and a half ago or two seeks ago, I began getting 
postings on the list from regulars on the list that have no name, and/or no 
subject.  At the same time, the posting began arriving with headers at the 
beginning of the email rather than at the end.  
 Person, subject, and the first few words are important to me in deciding 
which of so-many emails to read.  Having to open an email, and scroll through 
the header is a time user -- I'm sorry, a few years ago I'd have been 
ecstatic to know that what we can do now on this list could be done with the 
investment of an hour or two per day instead of seconds.  Anyway, I liked it 
the way it was.  
 I checked with Shafat and he said that the list operation had not changed 
and that the problem is probably on my end -- I can't find what the problem 
is here.  Is anyone else finding or solving this kind of problem? >>

I have not noticed any posts that are anonymous - the header always shows the 
sender although sometimes that is indecipherable, and only a few come thru 
with blank subject lines.  What I have seen is what I perceived to be a 
thinly veiled advertising ploy in which "messages" are posted that are 
supposed to be in response to a request for information, but are really 
announcements of new computer programs.

While it seems that most people are now quoting only the relevant parts of 
posts that they are replying to, some are not quoting anything, some copy 
the entire message, including header and footer, and if a copied header 
and/or footer was included in the copied message, it, too, is included.

But --- with the message that I am replying to --- I had not previously 
received Nels post.  Maybe when I send this I will find the post waiting.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona  USA