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RE: Please add subject lines

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This may be an AOL problem. I have AOL at home and am getting the same types
of postings that you're describing. However, at work we're on Outlook and
I'm not getting those emails.

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	Subject:	Re: Please add subject lines

	I think the problem is that people are forgeting to fill in the
subject line 
	on new posts. It is natural to hit the reply button, but unnatural
to go back 
	and fill in or change the subject line.
	I had hoped that as one thread led into a new discussion, those
	would, at some point in the thread, revise the subject line to be
relevant to 
	the new topic. This seems to be a curtesey that is easy to
accomplish and 
	that we need to be more considerate.

	I too, receive posts without the senders name. As far as I know, the
	can not post to this list annonomously since all posts must come
from the 
	subscribers address - leaving out posts from outside the list of
	The problem is that some of those responding wish to maintain their
	- which I don't have a problem with. I just like to be able to reply
to a 
	person rather than an inoculous blank signiture or email address.

	The majority of list participants are very considerate, but
occasionally one 
	or two (or a few more lately) get buy who are quick to write but who
	to acknowledge anything other than their spiritual presence and a
mystery as 
	to what lies within their messages. This becomes even more appealing
with we 
	see that others have responded but don't know as to what - possibly
a secrete 
	discussion going on:>)

	It takes a little extra effort to be curteous and understanding that
	information on this list (or any other) may be of benifit to someone
in the 
	future who tries to search the archives for something contained in a
	white wrapper.


	In a message dated 9/22/1999 1:26:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time,

	<< Starting about a week and a half ago or two seeks ago, I began
	postings on the list from regulars on the list that have no name,
and/or no 
	subject.  At the same time, the posting began arriving with headers
at the 
	beginning of the email rather than at the end.  
	 Person, subject, and the first few words are important to me in
	which of so-many emails to read.  Having to open an email, and
scroll through 
	the header is a time user -- I'm sorry, a few years ago I'd have
	ecstatic to know that what we can do now on this list could be done
with the 
	investment of an hour or two per day instead of seconds.  Anyway, I
liked it 
	the way it was.  
	 I checked with Shafat and he said that the list operation had not
	and that the problem is probably on my end -- I can't find what the
	is here.  Is anyone else finding or solving this kind of problem?
	 Nels Roselund
	 Structural Engineer >>