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Re: '97 UBC Design - Are you too old to change your ways???

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>it can be justified by "bodies" of evidence supporting damage resulting 
>from inadequate design proceedures
Judging from the situation in Taiwan, Turkey and Athens, I don't think we 
need go looking for bodies anymore. If by productivity tools you mean 
computerized arithmetic, count me as a firm pro. I'm 10 years older than 
Dennis, and I couldn't practice, let alone compete without analysis 
software, be it spreadsheet or FEA. God knows I couldn't put together a 
decent report with manual typewriters and cut and paste graphics in the 
time I do it with a wordprocessor.. Nor would I want to. Not that I 
worship at the latest-and-greatest altar, but my Mac makes me more 
productive than anyone in a big design shop, not even counting the 
political distractions. That's how I stay in business.

I think small shops have an inherent advantage in flexibility--automate 
the practice and you do better every time. 

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