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RE: NCEES Str. II Exam

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Generally, it is not just "one" question.  The problem is a group of 5 or
so questions about "one" structure.  You might be asked to design a column,
a beam, a shearwall, a connection, and a footing for a building.  There are
VERY good a picking a building with a structural system that has wood,
steel, concrete, and masonry.  So you might have to design a STEEL column,
a STEEL or WOOD beam, a MASONRY shearwall/bearing wall, WOOD diaphram
connection, and CONCRETE footing.  Generally, it is very much like the
Struct. I exam afternoon session.  If you recall the Struct. I exam in the
afternoon has "four" problems each with ten parts.  Well, the Struct. II
exam will have "two" problems, each with 4 or more parts is
just that the Struct II "parts" take longer to do than the Struct I parts
because you have to do more detailed and complete calcs.

Basically to sum it up, you are doing a "problem" that deals with multiple
structural elements in a building (or bridge) not just ONE structural
element.  Kind of like what you do in the real work for a living.  Just
think of all the structural engineering that you might do in an 8 hour day
of might design some beams and some columns, then do a masonry
wall, etc.

I apologize for being vague, but I take the "you aren't supposed to discuss
the actual contents of the exam" seriously.


At 08:04 AM 9/23/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I realize any material can be on there but there's only two questions on the
>test and it lasts eight hours.  I'm mainly curious about what type of
>problem can last 4 hours apiece.  I once heard someone say they had a
>multi-story building and had to analyze the whole frame.  4 hours of moment
>distribution sounds like loads of fun!