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Re: NCEES Str. II Exam

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I took both Structural exams and passed them the first time.  I know it was a
blessing from God to pass the first time through.  I would not want to take
the Structure II test over again.  There is a reason why less than 20% of
those who take the exam pass it.  The exam given before I took it had a 7%
passing rate nation wide.  Basically you need to be prepared for anything.  I
suggest a good reference book for steel, wood, concrete and masonry.  I never
had any question with soils in it but I recommend a good foundation text
anyway for concrete foundation.  They have 4 questions, 2 bridge and 2
buildings.  You have to do 2 problems, one in AM and one in PM.  You will
have seismic in the PM and probably wind in the AM.  It is one big problem. 
I am not a bridge designer so I was stuck with whatever problem for buildings
they gave.  I remember my AM question was a rigid steel frame for an airplane
hanger.  I had to design the rigid frame members.  The PM was a concrete
frame structure with seismic.  Know the seismic details for steel, concrete
and wood.  Some of the questions asked how rebar was to be detailed.  Also,
your references should adequately cover lateral load distribution.  

A suggestion, recheck your exam when you finish it.  I rechecked my steel
frame exam in the morning and found a major error earlier in my calculations.
 I did not have time to redo everything.  I wrote a big note on my exam
calling out the error and explaining what I would do to correct it had I the
time to do so.  The grader was merciful to me since I found it and pointed it
out.  If you can't finish the exam I suggest the last 5 minutes you stop and
write a summary of what you would do to finish the exam if you had enough

Good luck.  Hope you don't have to take it a second time!



Richard Lewis, P.E.
Missionary TECH Team

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