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Re: KeyLat software

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At 12:04 PM 9/23/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>Has any one had a chance to review the KeyLat lateral design demo program? 
>Program look impressive, I just wish they had included method of inputting 
>wall info, just to see the degree of difficulty. Also I'm having problems 
>with the tiny fonts in the plots. Any other comments? Is anyone aware of 
>other similar programs?
>Andy Vidikan, PE

These were almost identical to my thoughts.  Without the Model and Structure
modules you cannot tell how much time is spent setting up the models.  In
any analysis software the time spent setting up the model is the key to
whether the program is productive.   Most programs have some way of
adjusting font size on printouts so I am assuming the full version would
allow that.

The organization of the program is very logical and the output graphics are
first class.  Probably has more information than we need but that is our job
to sort out.

My question to the KeyLat people is: Can you provide a demo for the Model
and Structure portions of the program?

Dave Morris P.E.
Corvallis, OR