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Keylat wood analysis and autocad coordinate download to excel

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Keylat may have adopted Qlat
Qlat had a difficult method to describe horizontal diaphragms openings
and cantilevers. Openings and reentrant corners could be described
but required to have shear walls inline with the horiz. diaph. edges to get

proper results.

The Keylat samples  have not demonstrated these conditions. I have notified
them of the problem and believe it will be solved.

I want not to learn a whole new drafting program. I understand the Keylat
allow one to see an overlay of an autocad drawing, but then a new drawing 
must be made in the program.

Keylat is the first I know of to promise a rigid diaphragm option.
It seems that it will not allow competing hold down products

Dennis Wish free ware could be a prototype for the best solution.

I had given Mr. Wish a macro to down load Autcad coordinates! WOW
Last I looked at the program Dennis had placed the macro and couldn't get
to work. I couldn't find the macro in his program. oh well. Dennis where is
 following is it agian see subject Use autocad coordinates