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Re: Keylat wood analysis and autocad coordinate download to excel

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Thanks for the mention of my software but I, too, am having some problems 
with the torsion design and have not been able to get help from anyone else 
on the list. The file I sent you has your macro embedded as I inserted your 
spreadsheet with the macro directly into mine (use the macro feature in Excel 
to verify that it exists unless it was added to a separate worksheet for 
storage). I could not get it to work - it did run but was unable to bring the 
coordinates into the spreadsheet inasmuch as it kept asking me to define the 
drawing areas within AutoCad - which I did - but would provide an error 
message and dump me out or hang up.

QLat is NOT a part of but of the old Lateral Pro company. Keylat is a product 
from Keymark Industries in Boulder Co. - which is known for their plated 
truss design programs used by truss manufactures for proprietary plate 
systems AND the original truss Joist TJ Beam program.
Keylat seems to be based on an earlier attempt by Keymark (around 1993) in a 
program called Intelligent Take-off. 

Please see my other post on this topic.

I have been hesitant to distribute my program to the 200 or so who requested 
it because the results of the rigid analysis are still not accurate. If you 
or anyone can give me some help on this, I would be more than happy to donate 
the program to everyone who wants it. I just need someone with spreadsheet 
knowelege who can track the steps for rigid analysis. I also need some help 
in expanding the program to remove openings in the diaprhagm from the torsion 

It would seem that with some 200 people who responded some of you might be 
able to help.


In a message dated 9/23/1999 9:49:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
merrickgroup(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Keylat may have adopted Qlat
 Qlat had a difficult method to describe horizontal diaphragms openings
 and cantilevers. Openings and reentrant corners could be described
 but required to have shear walls inline with the horiz. diaph. edges to get
 proper results.
 The Keylat samples  have not demonstrated these conditions. I have notified
 them of the problem and believe it will be solved.
 I want not to learn a whole new drafting program. I understand the Keylat
 allow one to see an overlay of an autocad drawing, but then a new drawing 
 must be made in the program.
 Keylat is the first I know of to promise a rigid diaphragm option.
 It seems that it will not allow competing hold down products
 Dennis Wish free ware could be a prototype for the best solution.
 I had given Mr. Wish a macro to down load Autcad coordinates! WOW
 Last I looked at the program Dennis had placed the macro and couldn't get
 to work. I couldn't find the macro in his program. oh well. Dennis where is
  following is it agian see subject Use autocad coordinates