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RE: Advice on MBS please

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I presume that you are talking about lateral drift due to wind.  There are
code limits for seismic.  You will get some flak from the MBS people, but it
is not that big of a cost impact for the total structure.  You might want to
look at AISC Design Guide #3.

Technically and typically no one is responsible for bringing this to the
Owner's attention, but I think that it is wise for the structural engineer
to be of service in this area to the owner.  The code focuses on life
safety.  Serviceability should be the domain of the structural engineer.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: Advice on MBS please

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Dear piers;

We are involved with preparing a proposal for a project in which the owner
would prefer to use a MBS (Metal Building System).  I have given the client
deflection criteria which I feel is appropriate so that the architect may
use infill such as metal studs with EIFS with or without brick veneer.  I
suggested using .005h for this deflection criteria.  The structure is one
story restaurant, rectangular in plan, approx. 3000 to 3200 square feet.

Our firm will be designing the foundations for the project.  I would like to
inquire what if any complications or responsibility cross over issues which
some of you may have experienced and your opinions on how to circumvent
these issues.

I have read the article in structure " Who's Responsible " addressing some
of these issues.

Thanks for you input;

Dave Puskas, P.E.