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Re: Fw: '97 UBC Design - Are you too old to change your ways???

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Count me in as agreeing with what Bill Allen, Russ Nester, and Ed Workman
have posted in this thread to date. 

The 97 UBC on residential-related wood frame, AND its 2000 IBC "leap before
you look" clone, are each another great fortress in a Maginot Line of
oversophisticated, yet false, illusory assurances of protection. 

These latest code editions mostly squander resources of design engineers and
other code followers, including building officials' personnel, beyond the
ability of software to remedy. Benefits in these late editions are greatest
to opportunist experts in litigation testimony, who will capitalize on the
ambiguities and the unenforced, obtuse ways code language might have been

Concoction of codes related to residential, especially in seismic matters,
has simply been in the wrong hands. Let there be no overlooking that motives
of elitism, control, and prestige remain the glue that keeps codework in
those hands. (Been there; been stymied by it.)

Two contributors however mention incumbent SEAOC President John Shipp as an
agent of relief:
>... there is little excuse not having an adequate review process which
>is inclusive of actual practitioners.  Thanks to John Shipp we may be on
>the way to a better process wherein this will be realized.
>  Until John Shipp commented I had no hope whatever as the IT [Ivory Tower}
>folks are too entrenched and depend too much on the image of expert that
>committee membership confers, but now there may be at least a small chance.
Without being critical of John, let's look at his latest on this, from Aug 17:
>This may be the first time that the "Captain"  went down without the Shipp.
>It is true that we are all in the same boat - what we need do to is to work
>together to patch/fit the code so that it does make since.  Remember that
>most of these same provisions are in the IBC 2000 code.
>John Shipp
Now I'm well past 50, and spent a year in uniform in Vietnam. There were a
lot of assurances back then that parties to that little dispute would meet
and work together to settle things. Who forgets that they spent a year
working out the shape of the table they would talk at, before the on-and-off
talks even started?   How do we know that a call for "working together" is
not a similar delaying tactic to mollify the malcontented without changing
the existing order of things?

Charles O. Greenlaw  SE   Sacramento CA