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Re: Advice on MBS please

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I assume this is one of your first experiences with MBS.  I apologize if I am
mistaken.  First, you need to make sure your terms are correct.  MBS people
suffer from Clintonitis.  Wind loads for MBS people are 10 year reoccurrence,
unless specifically stated otherwise.  So you could specify the 0.005h
deflection and they will follow it, but using 10 year winds, which are
significantly lower than the 50 year winds of the building code.  Next, I
suggest you read "Serviceability Design Considerations for Low-Rise
Buildings", steel design guide no. 3 by AISC.  In the back there is a table
which shows recommended displacements.  Usually any drift over h/120 is met
by extreme protest by the MBS.  This protest is commonly in the form of a
comment to the Owner or Architect telling them the building is overdesigned
and so now you must now go back to the Owner to try to straighten them out. 
Another good book is "Metal Building Systems - Design and Specifications" by
Alexander Newman and published by McGaw-Hill.

Don't assume anything by the MBS.  Specify every little detail you expect
from them or chances are you won't get it.  Only assume you will get a bare
bones structure from them.

Last, be prepared to design the anchor bolts even though you do not know the
frame reactions.  MBS people hate to design anchor bolts.


seaint(--nospam--at) writes:
Dear piers;

We are involved with preparing a proposal for a project in which the owner =
would prefer to use a MBS (Metal Building System).  I have given the =
client deflection criteria which I feel is appropriate so that the =
architect may use infill such as metal studs with EIFS with or without =
brick veneer.  I suggested using .005h for this deflection criteria.  The =
structure is one story restaurant, rectangular in plan, approx. 3000 to =
3200 square feet.

Our firm will be designing the foundations for the project.  I would like =
to inquire what if any complications or responsibility cross over issues =
which some of you may have experienced and your opinions on how to =
circumvent these issues.


Richard Lewis, P.E.
Missionary TECH Team

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