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Re: Salary Survey

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Exactly! We are in the business of selling our services wholesale!
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Date: Thursday, September 23, 1999 10:17 AM
Subject: Re: Salary Survey

>Tom Bayne wrote:
>>>Salary leves in the US are predicated on the law of supply-and-demand
>feeds the desperation factor.  Engineers who aggree to work for peanuts --
>many are forced to work for low wages as there are not enough jobs to go
>around -- through no fault of their own, are fostering the payment of low
>salaries to professionals whose salaries should be commensurate with their
>construction-management counterparts.<<
>There's the story of the college athlete who was never very good at math.
>After he used up his eligibility, he left school and soon started a chain
>restaurants which became very successful.  In the end, he was a very rich
>A person that knew him in college, and knew his poor math skills asked him
>how he became so successful.  He replied that he used a 10 percent markup.
>This seemed rather unusual, so he was asked how he could be so successful
>with a 10 percent markup, to which he replied, "It's easy! I buy the steaks
>for $3.00 and sell them for $30.00."
>A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
>Tucson, Arizona