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RE: Steel Floor Plate

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The floor plate bending table was never in the LRFD Manual for no other
reason than a quirk of timing and history. Dave Ricker, formerly of Berlin
Steel in Connecticut, now retired but still very active in Payson, AZ, wrote
that useful table when he joined the AISC Manual Committee in (about) 1988.
That was after the 1986 1st Edition LRFD Manual was published. It was put in
the 1989 9th Edition ASD. Unfortunately, it's presence there was forgotten
when the LRFD Manual was updated to the 2nd Edition in 1994.

I will be sure to see that it gets in for the 3rd Edition LRFD Manual, which
is now under development.


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Subject: RE: Steel Floor Plate

Thank you to all who responded.  It helped alot.  I couldn't find the
same table in the LRFD manual(which I typically design with.)  Does
anybody know why it was taken out?

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The table in the AISC Manual appears to be based on simple span
where the plate can slip over one support giving really conservative

Roark, Table 26 has many conditions, but does not apply if deflections
exceed the thickness of the plate/2 when the plate is held to the
(most plates are attached at supports). Page 408 (5th edition) has a
of formulas for rectangular plates with edges held that accounts for
membrane stress.

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> There is a floor plate bending capacity table on p. 2-145 of the 9th
> of
> the AISC ASD manual.  There is also a table of weights and thickness
on p.
> 1-107.
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> 		I have seen steel floor plate load tables but can't seem
to remember
> 		where.  Can anybody direct me to some?
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