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Re: '97 UBC Design - Are you too old to change your ways???

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Let's face it.  A good structural engineer knows the code, a great structural
engineer knows the plan checker.
Bart Needham

Bill Allen wrote:

> There is "practicing" and then there is "practicing".
> For example, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the contributions
> Dick Phillips has made to the seismic code over a long, long period of time.
> However, Dick is the author of the infamous "10/lw" component for
> calculating the redundancy factor for shear walls. Dick works for a large
> engineering firm and I doubt if he has designed many wood framed residential
> structures lately. Only recently has he been made aware of the implication
> in the language of the code where short shear walls are penalized by this
> language where he intended only to "help" long shear walls. Dick will be the
> first person to say that the language did not come out just right.
> Unfortunately, he may not have realized at the time, he had to get it right
> the first time because the next opportunity he had to correct the language
> would be in the 2001 IBC Addenda.
> As I have stated before, I know there is no benefit for criticizing the code
> authors for the problems in the 1997 UBC. If all we do is criticize them,
> they will stop volunteering to do this thankless job then where would we be?
> The unfortunate part is that we have lost the dynamics of the interaction of
> administration, research and practice in a time where the rest of the world
> is becoming more dynamic. The crime here is that there are few (if any)
> opportunities to edit and embellish code language for whatever reason
> including the application of common sense. I sit here at my desk and can
> only dream how nice it would be if someone like SEAOC (who else?)
> could/would publish something like the "Masonry Chronicles" that would
> assist design engineers, plan check engineers alike (IMO, the 1997 UBC is a
> wonderful tool for the expert witness) to design and build safe and logical
> structures as well as to help foster an environment where we can still
> afford to practice this profession (i.e., KISS).
> Regards,
> Bill Allen, S.E.
> Laguna Niguel, CA
> <snip>
> || Chris Poland
> ||
> || ps:  Check the roster of the code writers.  You will find a
> || lot of practicing
> || structural engineeers who care enough to volunteer.