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RE: 97 Code is a Life Safety Standard

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Your summary of "purpose" is on target and I agree when you say
>... What the seismic purpose in the future should be is a
> question of public policy, not a technical committee's exclusive
> prerogative. The present technical people on committee may, if
> diligent to their goals, be OK at saying HOW to achieve performance
> objectives, in THEIR OWN areas of design familiarity, but it does
> not follow that they should be permitted to control anything beyond
> those.

However, I would note that with very few exceptions (for instance, 
the Field Act) no one has been willing to address "public policy."  
The idea of "the public" setting policy is nice, but "the public" has 
never done anything; even political revolutions are carried out by 
groups of individuals.  We may hear a hue and cry but the clamor 
is short-lived and lucid suggestions do not follow.  Meanwhile, 
members of technical committees address the perceived problems 
indirectly since directly addressing "public policy" is beyond their 
charge.  Societally, the result is all talk, no action.


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