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RE: 97 Code is a Life Safety Standard

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I agree with your line of thought.  It makes sense that
> ... committee conduct that is not clearly within its members
> understood area of special expertise provokes objections from those
> who do have the relevant expertise and believe themselves harmed.

This brings us to our second dilemna (where the first was the lack 
of motivation to set public policy) which is: How do we get those 
with the "relevant expertise" to take part in the process?

I understand (and do not dismiss) Dennis' desires concerning 
"virtual" committee work.  However, face-to-face human interaction is 
the most efficient means of communication.  The subtleties of body 
language and tone of voice and the ability to instantly redirect or 
refocus the discussion are otherwise lost.  In my experience, even 
telephone and video conferencing require significantly more time to 
resolve issues of the same complexity.  Using typed messages on this 
Listservice often requires multiple exchanges, over the course of 
hours, using hundreds of words to clarify a single point (where two 
minutes of human interaction would suffice).  Given that hundreds of 
important issues are at stake, we must use the most efficient medium 
for the discussions.  This is the compelling reason that all 
committee work is not conducted in writing.

While I believe that significant contributions can be made in writing 
and via modern methods, an ancient proverb says "there is a 
frustrating of plans where there is no confidential talk, but in the 
multitude of counselors there is accomplishment."  This is still true 


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