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Re: Salary Survey

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Why can't we make the public "need" us?  As long as many items require
an ". . . architect or enginners. . ." approval we leave a powerful tool
open for debate.  Can an archtect do what we do. No. So why is it left
up for discussion?  Secondly, does the architect assume the liability
that an engineer does? No.  So why is the architect the prime on many
jobs.  The engineer controls how safe a structure may be, controls how
efficient a structure may be, and many times control how much a
structure will cost.  If engineers want to start making more money, let
force the issue and make the architects work for us!  Someone told an
anectode that I though had a very good point.  If you get into trouble
with the law, or want to sue someone - will you pick the lawyer by
lowest bidder?  So why, when the quality of engineering has such a large
impact on the cost of a structure, does everyone pick the low bidder? 
Tell everyone that $1 spent with me, will save you $2 in construction
costs (as compared to the low-ball engineer) and see what happens!

Jake Watson, E.I.T.
Salt Lake City, UT