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Re: RE: Roof Joist Anchorage

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I have done this by creating a subdiaphram at the fron and back walls
between the joists.  The subdiaphragm is 8' x 8'.  Provide 3x subpurlins
perpedicular to the front wall and anchor the wall to the subdiaphragm
with holdowns at 2' o.c.  It has been a while since I have done this and
don't know how well this works now with the '97 UBC forces.

Christopher M. Harris, P.E.
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>Subject: Roof Joist Anchorage
>I am working on a project where we have open web wood joists (such as the
>Trus Joist TJS ) sitting on top of a masonry wall.  Does anyone know of a
>way to tie the joists to the wall?  The Simpson PA series requires that
>end be embedded in the masonry.  With the type of joist we want to use,
>is not possible (top chord bearing with chord sitting on top of a 2x or 3x
>sill plate).  The local sales rep does not have any ideas.  We are in
>Zone 3
>so really need to tie the joist to the walls.  Any ideas?
>--Kipp Martin, P. E.
>Portland, Oregon