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Re: RE: Roof Joist Anchorage

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I have done this by creating a subdiaphragm at the front and back walls
between the joists.  The subdiaphragm is 8' x 8'.  Provide 3x subpurlins
perpendicular to the front and back walls and anchor the wall to the
subdiaphragm with holdowns at 2' o.c.  Drag wall anchorage fores into the
joists via subdiaphragm shear.  It has been a while since I have done this
and don't know how well this works now with the '97 UBC forces.

Christopher M. Harris, P.E.
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>Subject: Roof Joist Anchorage
>I am working on a project where we have open web wood joists (such as the
>Trus Joist TJS ) sitting on top of a masonry wall.  Does anyone know of a
>way to tie the joists to the wall?  The Simpson PA series requires that
>end be embedded in the masonry.  With the type of joist we want to use,
>is not possible (top chord bearing with chord sitting on top of a 2x or 3x
>sill plate).  The local sales rep does not have any ideas.  We are in
>Zone 3
>so really need to tie the joist to the walls.  Any ideas?
>--Kipp Martin, P. E.
>Portland, Oregon