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RE: Salary Survey

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The free market won't get anybody more money as long as someone else is
willing to sell their services for a lower price. When there is plenty of
work, fees rise because the purchasers of services are competing for a
limited resource. SOme of them will offer higher fees because they need
their work done, now. Others will seek low fees which will be limited to the
low end marginal engineers or those who don't have as high a standard of
living or expectation of same. The lowball developers will get a substandard
product or the marginal engineer will suffer losses or a linear combination
of the two. The fact is that it can work no other way. It is simply the way
humans act.

If you don't like competing with the home-garage officed engineer then seek
other clients or figure out ways to improve productivity. In this market,
engineers doing work by hand are going find themselves, ultimately, in
another line of work or learning to accept their lowered standard of living.
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But I'm curious (as a tax-and-spend
democrat ;-> ) where the rabid free-marketeers are in this discussion.
Haven't heard a word about the role of all-knowing invisible hand of the
market in getting us more money. Or maybe the hand is supposed to help us
buy low and disappear when we want to sell high.