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Re: Salary Survey

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In a previous posting it was stated that  "A statement like this would be
actionable under anti-trust law if we 
actually did set our fees to 2%".  It is my understanding that this is
strictly not true.  There is a problem if we as an organization set minimum
fees and pressure members or others to adopt these mimimums.  But there is
no problem if we as individuals personally set any minimum we want and take
no action to prevent others from charging less.

Our rights of freedom of speach allow us as indiviuduals to publicly
suggest whatever fee structure we wish.   As long as it is clear that we
are not acting as a group to set prices there is no problem.  

I think it is obvious to anybody who has monitored this forum that
statements made here do not necessarily reflect the position of SEAOC.

While the Salary Survey is of interst  I think it would be interesting for
SEAOC to undertake a survey of billing rates and how they have changed in
the last year or two.  It would be interesting to understand the reasons
why some firms have not rised their rates and to hear the positive
experiences of those who have.  In fact I believe that the real benifet
would be in  understanding the dyamics of how rates our set. 

It has been my observation that all too often our insecurities cause us to
propose a much lower fee than the client is willing to pay and that we are
our own worse enemy.

Mark Gilligan