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Re: Salary Survey

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Myself, being one of those free-market types have
come to realize that it is actually in MY best
interest to have the rest of the engineering
community think it can fix fees.  I would love all
of my competitor set their fees at "whatever"
percentage they think they are worth.

People who have not learned how and why a free
market economy works are in fact their own worst

Instead of moving away from a free market by fixing
fees, they should concentrate their efforts on
understanding how a free market works.  My partner
and I have done very well, as have our employees.  I
would just as soon have my competitors in the dark. 
It makes my life easier.


Christopher Wright wrote:
> >How about 2% of the total cost of the project
> >as the minimum fee?
> A statement like this would be actionable under anti-trust law if we
> actually did set our fees to 2%. But I'm curious (as a tax-and-spend
> democrat ;-> ) where the rabid free-marketeers are in this discussion.
> Haven't heard a word about the role of all-knowing invisible hand of the
> market in getting us more money. Or maybe the hand is supposed to help us
> buy low and disappear when we want to sell high.