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RE: Salary Survey

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Real Estate agents charge  5% to 7% to sell a property, with very little at
risk.  Owners willing use real estate agents.

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> The free market is exactly that. FREE. As in, we are free to charge any
> fee we wish to. The trick is, is to stay competitive with out cutting our
> own professional throats while doing it. Engineers need to realize the
> value of our education and profession and charge accordingly. There is no
> shame in making a profit. How many times have we negociated our fees only
> to realize at the end of the job that we negociated away any chance of a
> profit? Has anyone been able to negociate an attorneys fee to something
> lower than what he expects? The reason Attorney fees are so high is
> because as a profession, they charge high fees. If engineers started
> charging appropriately and stopped negociating away or trimming down any
> profit the entire profession would benefit.