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RE: Salary Survey

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The six percent solution.  Six percent of the cost of construction.  If it
is good for the RE agents then it is good for us.  By the way, I think that
a lot of the complaining about the new 1997 UBC code (as it relates to wood
frame) has not so much to do with the fact that takes more work to design to
but that engineers will make less per project.  In accordance with the law
of unintended consequences, the new code not only increases seismic forces
but it increases seismic fees.  Tell your clients the truth, you must now
charge more because the new code requires more work of you!!!!!!  Look on
the bright side, when lose a job to a low baller, he is probably going to
cry the most about how little he is getting paid.

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Real Estate agents charge  5% to 7% to sell a property, with very little at
risk.  Owners willing use real estate agents.

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> The free market is exactly that. FREE. As in, we are free to charge any
> fee we wish to. The trick is, is to stay competitive with out cutting our
> own professional throats while doing it. Engineers need to realize the
> value of our education and profession and charge accordingly. There is no
> shame in making a profit. How many times have we negociated our fees only
> to realize at the end of the job that we negociated away any chance of a
> profit? Has anyone been able to negociate an attorneys fee to something
> lower than what he expects? The reason Attorney fees are so high is
> because as a profession, they charge high fees. If engineers started
> charging appropriately and stopped negociating away or trimming down any
> profit the entire profession would benefit.