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Re: KeyLat software

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>My question to the KeyLat people is: Can you provide a demo for the Model
>and Structure portions of the program?

Currently there is no demo for the Model and Structure portions of the
program.  Demonstration tutorials will be available for Model and Structure
in the release version.

>These were almost identical to my thoughts.  Without the Model and Structure
>modules you cannot tell how much time is spent setting up the models.  In
>any analysis software the time spent setting up the model is the key to
>whether the program is productive.

It is true that modeling a structure is the most labor-intensive part of
using the KeyLat software.  An average user can create a model of a typical
two-story home in about 1-2 hours.  The most complicated buildings usually
require no more the 5-6 hours.  These times are reduced with experience,
and the amount of time can be reduced significantly if an autocad drawing
(or other source for DXF file) is available.  KeyLat users will also be
able to send floorplans to "Processing Centers" which will create working
models for a fee.

>The organization of the program is very logical and the output graphics are
>first class.  Probably has more information than we need but that is our job
>to sort out.
>Dave Morris P.E.
>Corvallis, OR

The KeyLat software is brand-new and not related to Q-Lat.  See Steve
Pryor's message from 7/28/99.  We will be adding enhancements and improving
interface, etc. continuously during the life of the software; that is, it
will not become "stagnant".  Look for the KeyLat representatives at the
SEAOC convention in Santa Barbara.  A presentation of the software is
scheduled for Thursday afternoon, September 30.

John M. Drozdek, E.I.T.
Project Engineer for KeyLat
Keymark Enterprises, Inc.