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RE: [used to be] Channels - Weak-axis bending [now it's LRFD an

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>You're onto something here, Christopher. In fact, LRFD and ASD are very
>similar; much more so than most people realize at first glance.
So why all the blather? Why invent a whole new vocabulary? Why all the 
claims about superiority if we're talking substantially about multiplying 
both sides of an equation by the same factor. (Plastic design in bending 
aside--that really is different, maybe even better, although I could 
quibble with the notion that an elastic-perfectly plastic assumption is 
much better than a tweak.)

At the same time, 'Essentials of LRFD' is a nice piece of work, if only 
to point out that all the fuss may boil down to a distinction without a 
difference. If that truly is the case, someone has done us a great 

(BTW, I saw the place where 'Uncle' John Sedgwick got shot. The line of 
trees about 500 yards away is still there. Sedgwick's judgement was 
sound--it was an impossibly lucky shot, even with a scope. And it 
couldn't happen to an officer who deserved it less. Sedgwick was a good 
officer, respected by his troops, smart and brave--not universal 
qualities among Federal generals. His death a is a good reminder for us 
all, that you just never know...

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