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RE: Steel Books

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It took me about five years, but I got the complete set one by one.  I
ended up trading a couple of books to a friend to get the last edition.
Every once in a while I run across an "extra" copy in a used book store.
One person that I know got on the internet and found a 1st or 2nd
edition, but the store wanted something like $750.00!  The prices here
range from $2 to $10.  The local engineers (Knoxville and Oak Ridge) are
currently snatching these up pretty quickly, but I'll keep your e-mail
address and look on your behalf the next time I'm in one of the stores.
Nothing beats the sensation of reaching up to pull down that little
black book and find that its a First Ed Manual of Steel Construction in
mint condition!  Good luck in the hunt!

Michael Ritter, PE

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> Colleagues --
> I am in search of a few old "steel books".  More specifically, I am
> looking 
> for the first and the fourth editions of the Manual of Steel
> Construction by 
> the American Institute of Steel Construction.  What started out with a
> couple 
> of hand-me-downs, and then by starting my career with the seventh
> (blue) 
> edition, I realized that I would have the entire sequence (first thru
> ninth) 
> if I could find the above referenced manuals.  If anyone on the list
> has a 
> copy to sell, or knows of a place where I could purchase these, I
> would 
> appreciate it.
> Thanks
> Les Kuehl, P.E.
> Vice President
> NNW, Inc. - Consulting Engineers
> Iowa City, Iowa